Wieliczka Salt Mines Tour


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Duration: 3 hours

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The historic Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of Krakow’s most visited attractions. The total 300 km length of the chambers and tunnels, situated on 9 levels and stretching to a depth of 327 metres, shows all stages of mining equipment in some historical eras. Every year Wieliczka attracts around 800 thousand tourists from all over the world. This historic site was recognized as the first miracle of Poland and leaves no one indifferent. In 1978 in was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites. The Salt Mines in Wieliczka are one of the most interesting and fascinating places in Poland. Visiting is allowed only with a tour guide. The Salt Mine is located 10 km from the center of Krakow.Tourists descend to the third level (of nine) at a depth of 130 meters. To go down tourists have to travel 350 steps. Underground there is a constant temperature of 14 C.

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