Terezin Private Tour

From: 9,800 

Tour Date is obligatory

Prices do not include admission fees (230 ckz per person) or tips. Fees in cash and in the local currency.

You should also bring 100 czk (per person) as a gratuity payment to a local guide at the Gestapo Prison. They will help us access restricted areas.

Duration: 6 hours


This visit is essential to understanding the complicated history that unfolded here in 1941, when the region’s thousand-year-old Jewish communities were deported through Terezin to death camps. Terezin was completely different, both psychologically and physically, from any of the other 632 camps. You will visit the Gestapo prison; the Terezin Museum; the Crematorium; the hidden synagogue (only recently uncovered); and the newly opened exhibition at Magdeburg Barracks. You will understand what happened to so many innocent people through the many artifacts, children’s drawings, poetry, and other rare items which survived the horrors of the camp, to later speak so eloquently for them.

Price includes guiding and transportation. Please note that it is difficult to buy lunch near the camp, and we advise all customers to bring packed lunch if they believe they will need it.

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Up to 4 people: complete payment, Up to 4 people: 10% deposit, Up to 6 people: complete payment, Up to 6 people: 10% deposit, Up to 8 people: complete payment, Up to 8 people: 10% deposit, Up to 10 people: complete payment, Up to 10 people: 10% deposit