Strahov and the Castle Tour Private

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Duration: 3 – 4 hours

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An in-depth tour of the remarkable Strahov Monetary, a Renaissance medical and natural history museum, and of Prague’s Castle Quarter, allows a visitor to plunge into the civil and religious life of this ancient capital from its inception in the ninth century to the present. The Castle complex rivals any in Europe. It is now the seat of the country’s president and government, as well as the home of St Vitus Cathedral, begun at the same time as Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and with stained-glass windows to match. Strahov monastery is one of the oldest surviving monasteries in Europe, active almost continually since the 12th century, and with an intact library containing works dating back centuries. We’d also take you down the Golden Lane, seeing the haunts and homes of Kafka and Mozart in Mala Strana’s tiny, winding streets.

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